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Elsa Larsen began her career in the field of dog training as a volunteer for the Assistance Dog Institute in Santa Rosa, California. ADI is a unique program that engages incarcerated youth in the care and training of dogs to assist people with disabilities.


In June 2000, Elsa moved to Maine to start My Wonderful Dog – at the time the only non-profit in the Northeast dedicated to the training and placement of dogs for disabled individuals. Due to lack of funding, the non-profit had to close its doors in 2008 however, under the banner of My Wonderful Dog, Elsa continues to bring her training skills to dogs and their people.

With over 20 years of experience, Elsa combines knowledge with an affordable price. Elsa utilizes a holistic approach to dog obedience, taking into consideration your lifestyle and needs. Her goal is to find an attainable training solution for you and your dog.

And now, My Wonderful Dog has been recognized by the Portland Awards Program as 2021 The Best of Portland Pet Trainer



I am most impressed with Elsa's candid, hands-on approach in teaching me how to teach my puppy Mosley. She makes sure the dog owner understands the commands and when it is appropriate to reward behaviors and when to avoid reinforcing unwanted behavior. The tools she has given me to work with Mosley are simple things I can do on my own in just a few minutes per day focusing on positive reinforcement, and repetition.

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