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My Wonderful Dog is Here to Help


While we all try to be on our best behavior during this pandemic, we may have discovered that many of our beloved four-legged friends may not be. You’re probably spending much more time at home with your pup and you may be noticing things that could turn out to be a problem.


Perhaps your dog isn’t as friendly on leash as you might have thought or that the pulling has truly gotten out of hand? It might be that just when you thought that you had the house-training thing down, your pup has started eliminating in the house again? Or maybe (gasp) your previously perfect pup has recently discovered that the new couch tastes really yummy? 


Unfortunately, dog behavior, good, bad or otherwise doesn’t really take a pause when we do. Understand that, as stressful as this crisis has been for us, it’s been just as stressful for our dogs and new, and often unwanted, behaviors crop up when dogs feel stressed.


My Wonderful Dog is always exploring new and creative ways to help you to train your dog. So whether you need some help with on leash behaviors, or your new pup could use some basic manners, or your kid would like to teach your old dog, some new tricks, I can help. 


Here are the new opportunities for training that I have available for you. 

Training to Go

Image by Tucker Good

I am now offering pick up and drop off training.... in other words, Training to Go.


How it Works


To begin, we will set up a video chat to discuss your goals and expectations and together we will come up with an individualized training plan. Next, with the training plan in mind, I will come to your home to pick up your dog and bring him or her back to my home to train. I have the option of training inside my home, in my yard, on the street or at a local park, in other words, wherever is needed to attain our goals.


Each session will be videotaped so that you will have something to refer to after each session and notes will be provided as needed. Pricing for this service varies based on each client’s requirements and needs.


One hour session $100.00

Please note: this program is available to dogs within an 8-mile radius of my home in South Portland and is not appropriate for dogs with aggression towards humans or overly shy dogs. A $.50 per mile mileage fee may apply. This training option is not appropriate for dogs with aggression towards humans or overly shy dogs.


Virtual Training & Behavioral Consults

MWD Zoom pic.png

Safe and effective, contact-free training for any issue or any skill. These sessions are conducted virtually over Zoom. The session will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube and a link to the video will be provided for you to review after each lesson. 


How it works


Any skills will be modeled by me with my dog and then I will coach you while you work with your dog. Homework (if necessary) will be recorded on your phone and the video will be submitted to me so that I can assess it prior to the next scheduled session. 


1/2 hour session: $30

One-on-One Training

mwd 2.jpg

Come to my house and we'll work in my completely fenced in yard under a tent. I will demo with your dog and then you model what I've done, at a distance of course. Heaters and lights make the colder, darker days almost festive.

1 hour session $65.00

Too busy to come to me? Let me bring my services to you.

1 hour session $75.00

*Mileage rates may apply.

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