Off-Leash Adventure Walks

My Wonderful Dog is offering off-leash excursions for your dog Monday through Friday for Portland, South Portland and Cape Elizabeth doggies. These outings will be geared towards socializing and exercising your dog on a smaller, more personal scale. With Elsa's background in training and behavior, her goal is to provide structure and training as well as fun times for your four-legged friend. Each outing will last one hour and pick up and drop off will be provided.


Cost per outing is $25




I am most impressed with Elsa's candid, hands-on approach in teaching me how to teach my puppy Mosley. She makes sure the dog owner understands the commands and when it is appropriate to reward behaviors and when to avoid reinforcing unwanted behavior. The tools she has given me to work with Mosley are simple things I can do on my own in just a few minutes per day focusing on positive reinforcement, and repetition.

M. Anderson - Portland


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