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Leaving your pup when you travel can be stressful both for you and your four-legged family member. For those of you who may not feel comfortable leaving fido with a doggy daycare or boarding facility, I can offer other options. 

A stay in my home

Sunny, my Lab mix and I regularly welcome a few lucky house guests into our home. Since I never board more than one or two dogs at a time--our guests receive lots of love and personal care. A great choice for dogs who can adjust well to being someplace other than their own home; our guests have access to a comfy couch and chairs and a big, fenced in back yard. The rate for an overnight in my home is $65. This rate does not include a walk. If you would like a walk to be included, I recommend that your dog join us on a group dog walk at an additional cost of $25 These supervised walks are 45 minutes in length.

Please note that because I live in a small house and I need to ensure that my living space remains calm and low key, there are certain behaviors which I know would not fit well in my home such as resource guarding, excessive barking, severe separation anxiety, copraphagia, reactivity to other dogs and destructive chewing.

If your dog does not exhibit any of the above behaviors and if you feel he or she can get along with my dog--the next step would be a brief visit to my home to see how your dog behaves in my space. This visit usually lasts about a half hour and is free of charge. Once your dog has had the opportunity to visit my home and seems well suited for a stay here, I may ask that your dog do an initial overnight with me. This visit will give me the opportunity to assess how well your dog acclimates to his or her new surroundings and whether she/he can settle in. These trial overnight stays typically are arranged for a time when there are no other dogs boarding.

We stay in your home (limited availability)

Sometimes a dog feels more comfortable in their own space. For those dogs, Sunny (my wonderful dog) and I can come to your home to care for your dog (available in Cape Elizabeth and South Portland only). In addition to love and personalized care, I can make sure that the mail is picked up and plants are watered. The fee for this service is $50 for an overnight. This rate does not include a walk. If you would like for a walk to be included, I would recommend that he/she join us on a group dog walk at an additional cost of $25 These supervised walks are an hour in length.

Day rate (limited availability)

Going out of town for the day? Your pup can stay with me. The cost for this service is $25.

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